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I basically use 98% of your list. So I can safely say that I agree that I would not be able to do as good of a job without them. Great story!

Welcome to a series of 3 min reads where I tear down the best haptic feedback patterns and why it is so important. To maximize your learning the teardowns will be focused on features you can test on your phone.

Cover image with an image with the iPhone Volume slider

It’s fascinating that we get these subtle haptics all day long, but still, they are quite hard to recall. You definitely notice them, but they don’t stand out. Why is that? Are they unimportant? Is it bad design? Is it unnecessary fancy tech that no one really cares about?

An extra level of feedback


It’s a small but essential app for thirsty product designers and developers who wants to get an overview of what the different haptics feel like so that they can make their user experiences even richer and better.

Product image of Haptique — Woman holding iPhone with Haptique
Haptique — An essential tool for app developers and designers

Ever since Apple introduced us to the Taptic Engine inside the iPhone 6S back in 2015, I’ve had this empty space in my designer toolbox. It was such a cool and typical thing for Apple to reinvent and innovate on. Those small things that no one cares about until you’ve…

How we as developers and designers can save the world. Even if it’s only a little bit.

This planet we live on is surely a wonderful one. It’s unique and the only one we have. That’s why we wanted to engage our users to be more conscious about the environmental challenges we‘re up against and invite them to stand together with us.

Earth Hour 2019

Luckily we didn’t have to…

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Being a multidisciplinary designer doesn’t necessarily mean that life gets any easier for you. It might land you some good jobs, but your internal fear of losing your artistic skills is quite the opponent to fight. At least mine is. Mine is very egoistic, eager and lustful for new ways…


Ambitious product designer based in Oslo • Working with apps since 2009 • Writing about my curiosities, UX, UI and Micro interactions. Currently at

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